Giovanni (Gio) Grande
Head Coach: MACH 1 FC Boys 2009 HyperSonic


USSF 4v4, 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11


Coach Gio started playing the game of soccer when he was 5 years old and still lived in his birth town of Fontegreca, a small town in the country of Italy. Soccer is embedded in the Italian culture, so his love for the sport was almost natural. Watching Serie A games was part of the weekend ritual followed with a pick-up game with friends in the afternoons and evenings.

His favorite team is Juventus, although Napoli comes as a close second because of his birthplace. He played organized soccer since the 6th grade and played for the URI Club team in college. He also enjoys playing recreationally as an adult, but really love the thrill of coaching and the gratification it brings.

A current email from a parent. “I don’t know coach Gio as this was the first time I have met him but he was absolutely wonderful with Alex tonight. I was extremely impressed at how he handled it not knowing Alex at all. Alex told us when we left that he really liked Coach Gio.  Definitely a great coach all around with a special talent for the younger group. Alex went from literally crying on the sidelines begging to go home to walking off the field at the end of practice smiling saying how much fun he had!”