Rafal Murawski – Director of Coaching
Head Coach: MACH 1 FC Boys 2007 HyperSonic
Head Coach: MACH 1 FC Boys 2011 HyperSonic


LaLiga Level-3
USC Advanced National (underway)
USC Director of Coaching
USC 7v7 & 9v9
Southampton FC Youth Academy


Rafal has been passionate about soccer since a young age. He began playing at 5 years old. His talent was quickly realized by his community in Lezajsk, Poland and at the age of 9 he was drafted onto the town’s competitive youth teams. Rafal was selected to play on various All-Star teams between the ages of 13 and the age of 16.

By the time Rafal was a young teen he was fully dedicated to developing his soccer career and he moved away from his family to complete his high school education at a soccer school in Krakow Poland. Attending this soccer school Rafal was coached by professionals and learned unique special training techniques.

After completing soccer school Rafal played soccer at the semi-professional or professional level for 9 years on third and fourth division teams in Poland and England. Rafal’s soccer career lasted about 25 years and ended in 2015 after a series of injuries.