MACH 1 Premier Teams are open to all youth players U9-U19 and is not dependent on residency of any town or state.

MACH 1 FC Premier Teams have the opportunity to play in various leagues with most playing in the largest league in New England – New England Club Soccer League – NECSL. League decisions (Regional Academy League, US Youth Soccer National League, the NECSL and others) however are determined by joint effort between the Coaching Director and the team’s Head Coach with priority being the highest level of competition with the least amount of travel.  Player development is the fundamental philosophy behind divisional placement whereas players will need to work hard to achieve winning results.  Also understanding both wins and losses are valuable learning experiences and work towards developing the MACH 1 FC “Complete Player.”

MACH 1 is a unit of measure regarding the speed of an object with MACH 1 being the speed of sound.  MACH 1 Fútbol Club is neither exclusively a single age group nor dual age group club. In keeping with the theme of speed, we operate two levels of premier teams – Hypersonic (8x the speed of sound or mach8) and Supersonic (3x the speed of sound or mach3).

HyperSonic Teams are the highest-level premier teams within MACH 1 FC.  The Coaching Director and Head Coaches select players based upon player commitment, attitude, development, ability, and who exemplify the qualities of the MACH 1 “Complete Player.”  The HyperSonic team assignments are a privilege; individual player assignments may be adjusted at any time if players do not meet those expectations.

SuperSonic Teams are typically single-age group teams from U7-U14.  These teams will represent the highest-level single-age group MACH 1 FC teams for the U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18 and U19 divisions.

How are team placements decided? Not town politics, not winning records, not money, not parental pressure…ONE thing determines placement…professional soccer minds determining the most developmentally appropriate environment for your son or daughter to allow them to grow both physically, emotionally, technically, and ultimately into the MACH 1 “Complete Player!”