Rob Bonnell – Director of Soccer Operations
Head Coach: MACH 1 FC Girls 2010 HyperSonic
Head Coach: MACH 1 FC Girls 2011 HyperSonic
Head Coach: MACH 1 FC Girls 2012 HyperSonic


US SOCCER National C (underway)
US SOCCER National D
US SOCCER National F
US SOCCER National 4v4, 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11
UNITED SOCCSER COACHES 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11 Diploma
NFHS Accredited Interscholastic Coach
NFHS Certified Interscholastic Coach
USC LGBT-Diversity and Inclusion Diploma
USC Level 1 Futsal Diploma
US Futsal Level 2 State Futsal License
US Youth Futsal Level 1


Coach Rob is married to a wonderful (and very forgiving) wife and they raised six children and currently enjoy five grandchildren! His family has been very supportive in allowing him to spend myriads of hours to build a club and environment like none other.

Coach Rob has been coaching since 2000 and operating successful businesses since 1997. This background helped when serving seven years as Treasurer and subsequently President of a town association where he helped grow the association to 32 travel teams.

This experience then led to the formation of the MACH 1 Fútbol Club in 2017, when he saw a huge potential for a “family-centered” premier club program where the youth player could get a higher-level coaching staff, a more committed teammate and keep the community feel many families love about town soccer. His hard work and dedication to the players and families does not go unnoticed and the club has continued to grow and flourish with 360+ players from the u5-u23 age groups!

As a coach, Rob has enjoyed coaching all groups. He has coached the very youngest where the love of the game is created and completed his eighth and final season as the 2021 Burrillville Boys Middle School Soccer Coach with a 7-2-2 record and brought the Division 2 Burrillville High School Boys Soccer team to the 2nd round of playoffs in 2022.

However, it can probably be said that he truly enjoys coaching the u10-u12 age groups where his experience as a father is so valuable.