“The MACH 1 program has become our family. The growth and support that you find here in such an inviting atmosphere for the kids to have fun and be part of something special is truly one of a kind.” – Kristy

As I’ve told you it’s been a challenging year for our family and especially for *****, the consistency and dependability of MACH 1 has been a huge factor and escape for her so on a personal level, I just want you to know your program has not only made her a better soccer player, but it’s also been a tremendous outlet for her. Your program has had a huge impact on her life. I think it’s important you know that. ” – Omitted for Privacy

Hi Rob, in case it was not clear, ***** is very much enjoying being part of MACH 1! She has gone from treating soccer practice as an annoying responsibility to something fun, so much so that she decided to join the middle school team after telling me all summer she did not want to. – Chris

Hi Rob. I had a few minutes to spare at work and wanted to take the time to say thank you for putting the joy of soccer back into my son. I can see the spark in his eye everyday he wakes up just like we use to see. Last year was a difficult year for him where he played and I could see that a change needed to be made. I am so grateful and glad for the opportunity you gave us last spring to try out your program and I couldn’t be happier with what I see from ****** already this first full year with MACH 1 his skill but in the way I see him carry himself on and off the field has improved. His confidence seems to be growing more and more everyday (which probably helped him in getting *****’s number 🤣🤣🤣). He really loves playing with his teammates and coaches and I can’t wait to see all the team accomplishes this year! Thanks again! – Matt

I wanted to send a message in appreciation of both Coaches Jeremy and Mike! They have been so amazing with the boys! They both are super patient, supportive, and have been doing some great drills with them during practice, and all parents I’ve talked to are so happy with their coaching style and the increase in confidence and skills in the boys!  – Karina